Top Five Beach Places To Relax

Top Five Beaches Of The World

1: The One which Topped the chart is the Poipu Beach Hawaii Of USA. It is famous for its long coast line and the beauty of nature which one feel over here under the sun.There are alot of activities which could be done over here.


2 : Matira Beach Bora Bora in Pacific Ocean is the second one in the charts.Covered by the beautiful ocean from all sides this beach is an eccentric beauty.


3: The Third on the list is Maroma Beach Mexico. This beach is famous for its culture.Situated in Mexico, It is a place where people from all over the world desire to come.


4: It is the place where everybody wants to be . Its the BAHAMAS , Pink Sands Beach.The beach is a long broad strip of land covered with the beautiful ocean. The Beach is visited mostly in February. The Tourism industry here is very famous for its service.


5: Ipanema Beach Brazil is the fifth most visited and the most loved beach destination in the whole world. Here you will see each and every culture which prevails in Brazil.

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