Knee Osteoarthritis: High Physical activity helps people with knee osteoarthritis walks faster

Recent study on Osteoarthritis  patients proves that people with knee Osteoarthritis walks faster if they have a good  and active physical lives.The study is shown in a  new Northwestern Medicine research.

An associate professor of medicine Dorothy Dunlop at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and lead author of study says “The more active people are,the faster they can walk.

He further says “This is a strong evidence that even a small increase in activity is related to better walking function.The bar  for improvement isn’t that high.This should motivate people to get moving,even if they have pain or stiffness.”

The study further says that adults with arthritis should always participate for at least 2.5 hrs a week with moderate intensity,low impact activity in sessions lasting 10 minutes or more.Dunlop said that even if people could not meet these levels then they should try to be as physically active as possible.

The more active the patient,the faster he/she can walk.A minute increase in activity can improve walking function in a lot better way.Dunlop again says that improving the ability to walk,physical activity results in healthy joint cartilage and declines pain ,depression and fatigue too.

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