Meditation good for breast cancer patients

Researchers says that breast cancer patients  survivors improves at a very positive rate after a mindfulness of meditation.A proper meditation including yoga, regular exercise and physical awareness improves the health condition of breast cancer very well.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction is a magical tool to improve the health of breast cancer survivors.The MSBR sessions continuously be followed for eight to ten weeks.The patients should go through practising the skills on how to meditate, coping techniques, and response to certain stress situations over the whole period.

The breast cancer survivors who seems to involve this technique in their daily life are noticed to have control on their blood pressure, respiratory rate and heart rate positively. Mediation  not only improves mood but also lowers the stress levels to great extent..

Not even the breast cancer survivors but every other individual  should involve this MSBR practice on routine activity for healthy living.Meditation is now becoming more acceptable then any pharmaceutical approach.And, hence the results are also very effective for healthy living.

MSBR is essentially good for other treatment such as radiation, chemotherapy and surgery.It gives a new hope to the survivors for living a better normal life.

The study was published in Nursing Research.


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