Malnutrition: information & causes

Malnutrition is a very common problem which can affect any person not eating healthy food. It is that critical condition when the body is unable to get proper diet which includes protein, vitamins, minerals, iron and other important nutritious elements. 

Malnutrition chart
Malnutrition chart

Malnutrition is a broad terms that covers both under nutrition as well as over- nutrition. According to various surveys it is termed as the greatest hazard to the global public health. Because of the busy schedule or hectic life people hardly get any time to pay attention towards their eating habits, all this results in malnutrition at the end.

It being a trend today that processed food (that is easily available in the market) is getting so much popular that individuals are attracted towards it neglecting their health issues. The nutrition and other important elements of food are almost absent in these types of food items. This is one of the major reasons for the increasing health hazards and various diseases which affect one’s health.

One of the most recognizable types of malnutrition is being starved. Starvation is a situation where it is difficult to get proper amount of food for a long period of time which is extremely dangerous for health. The ultimate result can be death in this case. Starvation is a common problem of underdeveloped or developing country like India, the sole reason being poverty. Other reasons are Political backdrop or natural calamities.

Malnutrition a fashion
Malnutrition a fashion

 Looking at the other side of the coin another reason is spending a huge part of money on things that are of great prestige rather than necessities. Healthy food is being neglected and items like low calorie, low fat, and even low nutrient are being consumed just to have a perfect or latest body shape.

Undernourishment affects the intensity of glucose in our body that is hazardous as it reduces the protein content in the body.  The level of necessary fats also gets reduced because of this. Thus, it can be concluded that eating disorders as well as non-availability of food are the  main reasons of malnutrition. Our body should get carbohydrates, minerals and various other nutritious diet which is essential for proper body growth for a healthy and fit life. Follow a correct diet chart after consulting your dietitian as every individual has its own want of nutrition.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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