Winter beauty myths & truths

There are number of beauty myths connected with winters. It is one of the season which demands special skin care, common problems like skin dryness, roughness and dullness can be observed during this time. You must choose a better remedy to fight these problems. Check out the common beauty myths and their truths from below.

Myths and truths;

Beauty truths
Beauty truths
  • Heavy hydration or rich moisturization is very important in winters-

It is a wrong perception that skin needs to be more moisturized during winters. Choosing a moisturizer depends upon the type of one’s skin. Oily to normal skin needs normal moisturizer where as for dry skin you should go for rich moisturization.

  • Same cream can be used for body as well as for the skin-

Body and face consist of different oil glands so there must be separate creams for them. Using body lotions on face can create the problems of pimples as these lotions are best moisturizers for skin but do not contain properties which are essential for face. It cannot protect the skin from pollution and sun rays causing dry and dullness on the face.

  •  Dry skin needs facial again and again-


Heavy moisturizers and mild scrubs are used in dry skin that is why it is very important to choose a good type of facial. If wrong facial is applied on skin it can make your skin dry and rough.

  • Face steaming is good during winters-

Women often opt for face steaming to a give a soft look to their face. According to the experts due to steaming essential oil present in the skin gets destroyed with the result face becomes dry. Therefore is is not at all good to go for a face steaming during winters.

  •  Applying petroleum jelly makes lips soft-

Lip care
Lip care

It is a common problem to choose between lip balms and petroleum jelly, according to experts Petroleum jelly is not at all good for lips health. Instead of these one can opt for healthy balms consist of almond or vitamin E which makes lips healthy and soft.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy” 

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