Taking care of eyes: how to take care of eyes, tips for healthy & beautiful eyes

Eyes are one of the most important organ of the body with which we tune into the world.People who have goo eyesight need to take care of them and those who have eye problems need to overcome that problem. At a stage your eye problem can also lead to other diseases like cancer and diabetes if not taken proper care of them.

Eye strains is caused by wrong use mainly while reading or doing office work.You should maintain a reasonable distance while working on computers or in any way,the eyelids should be lower.Some of the points due to which strain is caused are:

  1. Dim light
  2. mental strain
  3. lack of proper blood circulation in the eyes
  4. lack of control over thoughts

Eye wash is the most important thing one should go for. You should wash your eyes at a regular interval of time.you should sprinkle cold water in your eyes in the morning and evening time.The eyes should be dried with clean towel.

Some tips to take care of eyes:

  • Avoid reading books of fine prints and cover your eyes in moving vehicles.
  • Droping 2 or 3 drops of Tulsi leaves in eyes would be beneficial.
  • Morning rays are cool and good for eyes,stand for five minutes in the gentle morning rays.
  • Take a barefoot walk on grass at the morning time.
  • Food containing vitamins are good for eyes, try eating green leafy vegetables daily.
  • Make sure that there is plenty of light to read.

  • Ventilate your space when working with harsh chemicals.
  • Wash your hands several times a day as your eyes can get germs through hands.
  • Get enough sleep,give some rest to your eyes.
  • Try and blink your eyes for 20 minutes while watching T.V .
  • Place cold used teabags in your eyes this will soothes tired eyes and reduces puffins.
  • Put a cotton dipped into the mixture of cucumber and potato juice for 10 minutes and you will feel refreshed again.

Let me tell you that taking care of eyes doesn’t cost anything,it is not about using expensive eye creams of going to parlors for eye massage.You should understand that healthy eyes are not a result of one day’s caring.A regular care should be taken in order to get healthy and beautiful eyes.If you will try out all the above tips you  surely have healthy eyes free from all types of diseases.

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