Meditation :Deep Breathing exercise to reduces stress

Deep breathing exercises are beneficial in every way to reduce stress and controlling your mind.The exercise will let you resist mild levels of anxiety,controlling temper and calm your mind.

Here are some steps to follow:

-Sit straight,center yourself mindfully and relax your neck and shoulders.

-Slowly breathe low down into stomach area, here chest have very little movement ans stomach have a lot of movement.

-Exhale and take you own time to do it, the other way is to whisper r-e-l-a-x during the exhaling process.

-The important thing to keep in mind is to relax your neck and the  shoulder portion and  a mindful awareness of each and every breathe and its form is also necessary simultaneously.

The thought stopping exercise also gives you break from the negative  feelings and the stress occupying your mind.

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  1. I m satisfied with ur information & I giving thanks to ur website thanks allot for give m right path of life through doing YOGA…

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