Regain Weight: Tips to gain weight in a healthy way

Experts have suggested a healthy way to  gain weight again ,if you have lost it due to any illness or surgery or any other medication.

The American Dietetic Association has given some tips on how to gain weight:

-Avoid eating junk food.It may help you to gain weight but not nutritionally good for health.

-Drink lots of fluid before or after meals but not during meals.

-Add calorie-laden condiments such as cheeses or peanut butter to your food.

-Milk can be used to cook oatmeal instead of water and other higher calorie foods such as nuts, dried-fruit and honey  after the oatmeal is cooked.

-Intake of salads with healthy fats(like nuts avocados and olive oil) can also be beneficial for gaining weight.

-Eat omelet with some extra cheese.

-Take help from any dietitian so as to create a healthy eating plan to gain weight.


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