Superbug or (NDM-1 ) Outsmart All Antibiotics: Situation Critical (WHO)

All antibiotics discovered till date are failing to cure Superbug bacteria. 25000 people die year in European Union, Superbug have outsmart all antibiotics. According to World Health Organization (WHO) this is a very critical situation to handle.

Superbug or NDM-1 on High Alert

Zsuzsanna Jakab (Regional Director Europe), World Health Organization ,said:

“Antibiotics are a precious discovery, but we take them for granted, overuse and misuse them: there are now superbugs that do not respond to any drugs.Given the growth of travel and trade in Europe and across the world, people should be aware that until all countries tackle this, no country alone can be safe.”

The NDM-1 gene was found in two of the 50 drinking-water samples and 51 of 171 seepage samples.


For full report on Superbug Click Here



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