Menstruation cycle: tips for comfortable and painless periods

Mensuration cycles or periods are very irritable and uncomfortable but is there any way out by which these few days can be easily dealt without any pain or inconvenience? the answer is positive, this time should be handle through intense care and with some easy tips you can comfortably handle your periods.

6 Easy steps to feel comfortable duringĀ  periods;

Comfortable periods tips

  • Wholesome meals- During mensuration cycle add good healthy meals to your diet. Green leafy vegetables and fruits are of utmost important. Try to take more amount of potassium which is present in banana. It is preferred not to take to much salt or to much sugar during mensuration period.
  • Stay fit and take full rest- Enough sleep and rest is very important during periods. Keep your body in balance and try to do exercises. It is advised to do exercise as this will make the periods shorter and pain free. Doing exercises doesn’t mean that it is to be done at the time of periods only, try to do continues and regular exercises every morning so that it becomes easy to handle pain during mensuration periods. there are many yoga exercises which are specially for having comfortable mensuration cycle.
Personal hygiene
Personal hygiene
  • Personal hygiene- It is very important to maintain proper personal hygiene as any infection can easily effect you health. During mensuration cycle it is advised to change sanitary pads at regular interval of time. Secondly, wear comfortable and clean clothes. Avoid opting tight or light clothes as a stain can be easily visible, try wearing something in black or dark color in which you feel comfortable.If you feel any kind of itching, redness or irritation during periods immediately consult your doctor.
  • Avoid depression- There is nothing to worry about during periods, many women get highly tensed when their mensuration cycle date gets closer. Take it in a positive way as your periods reveals that you are fertile and healthy. Avoiding tension and thinking positive is the best method of feeling comfortable and good during periods.
  • Remember you date- Try to keep a check up on your periods like- for how long they last, how is the flow, when did they start or end. If your periods last for more that a week consult your doctor. Keeping a track helps in many ways as you can get alert when the date falls due and can take proper measures which can be readily available when needed. Always keep a sanitary napkin with you as it will be convenient if just in case your periods starts early or late.
yoga for periods
yoga for periods

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”



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