Less sleep is directly linked with obesity

Avoiding sleep can be trouble to the health in the alternative way. According to a latest research people who skip their sleeping schedules tends to eat more with the result increase in weight.

Obesity problems
Obesity problems

According to the latest study those individuals who try to avoid sleeping became tired, inattentive and physically low. Not only this skipping sleep encourages hunger and the person start eating extra meals which means consuming unwanted calories which in turn increases the problem of weight gain.

Not getting enough sleep is directly linked to hunger. According to the researchers those people who hardly take an hour’s sleep a day consumes almost 500-600 more calorie food than those who take full rest.

In the research people aged between 18 to 40 years were included and were divided into two sections. One group took enough sleep and was given as much food as they want while the other group was hardly given 1-2 hours sleep and full amount of food as the previous one. It was noticed that the ‘sleep lacking’ group ate more amount of extra meals per day compared to the ‘enough sleep’ group.

sleep disorder
sleep disorder

It is clear that lacking of enough sleep is directly connected to obesity. There are many causes of obesity but one of the major causes is not getting enough rest which tends you to eat more and more calories which is not noticeable earlier but shows negative results later on.  Most of the people have no time to rest because of their busy schedules and most of them are busy in social networking sites like twitter, facebook etc during night. Rest is very important for a good and healthy living but today technological and fast changing lifestyle has become one more reason for increasing obesity problem among youth.

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