Oral cancer, its causes and prevention

The uncontrolled division and growth of cells in the body is the main cause behind cancer.The growth of cells is very rapid and thus the body is not able to cope with it.Right treatment is necessary to control the disease and stopping it before it becomes a threat to life.There are many causes  responsible for the development of oral cancer.The foremost factor is age.About 95 percent people above the age of 40 years suffer from oral cancer.

Oral cancer may occur inside the mouth,in throat, salivary glands or on the lips.Mostly,men are effected by oral cancer compared to women.Smoking and alcohol are the two main threatening factors of oral cancer.

Oral cancer are classified into three categories-Teratoma in which the oral tissues get effected by the disease.Second is Adenocarcinoma in which the oral cancer occurs due to the infection in saliva or in the tonsils.Third is Melanoma in which causes oral cancer due to the production of oral mucosa.

Symptoms of oral cancer:

1)Difficulty while eating and swallowing the food.

2)Sore inside the mouth or on the lips that bleed often and does not heal quickly.

3) Occurrence of a lump on the cheek for long time.

4)Small and large red coloured patches inside the mouth or on the tongue.

5)Sudden numbness on a part of the mouth.

6)Swelling around the mouth.

7)Voice changes.

Prevention of oral cancer:

The main cause of oral cancer is tobacco and heavy intake of alcohol.Try to avoid the use of tobacco and alcohol in your daily life.Poor oral hygiene also leads to oral cancer.Go for a routine dental check-up, keep your teeth and mouth clean after every meal.If you notice any lesion or sore inside your mouth that stays there for more than a month, then it is the high time to visit your dentist for a right diagnoses of your mouth.

Stick to a diet consisting of natural fruits and green leafy vegetables.High intake of meat is also a risk factor for oral cancer. Continuous exposure to sunlight may cause lip cancer.Timely treatment can save future complications of the disease.If you notice any oral or dental problem do not ignore it and better visit your dentist before it is too late.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”



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