Mental health illness:Basic causes of young people’s mental illness and treatment

The section of mental health describes  the main mental illness of young people. Over some decades a trend of disturbing health care has increased which is the cause of mental disorders in young people.Majority of people suffer from mental,emotional or behavioral disorder  due to mental illness.

In the recent surveys it is assumed that the mental health issues are one of the top areas of concerns.The main problem is the acceptance of this fact among the general public, while everyone agrees to the fact that mental health is one of the major issue but no one agree what it is.

One of the way to identify young people’s mental health is to  first understand  why those who have suffered very adverse conditions do not developed mental health problems.

The most important thing is to remember is that many young people experience some or the other form of mental problems or mental distress and that can often be dealt effectively by parents,schools or friends to prevent it from becoming mental illness.

Mental illness at time causes the situation of  “Helplessness” or “Hopelessness”, mental illness is a serious mental condition which need a immediate check. The output of mental illness can be very shocking or disastrous sometimes. Check out the causes and treatment of mental health illness from below.

What keeps young  people’s mental health well?

  • self esteem
  • sociability
  • warmth and parental harmony
  • strong social support
  • family compassion

Basic causes of mental health illness:

  • low I.Q level
  • learning disabilities or academic failure
  • communication problems
  • physical illness
  • developmental delay
  • family breakdown
  • abuse-physical,sexual,emotional
  • death and loss of any type
  • homelessness
  • poor education
  • any type of disaster

Treatment of mental health illness

It is vital to be aware of any help you can give to mentally ill people.Role of parental, family , home ,education and school life play a very important role in mental health promotion.

There should be anti-bulling and anti-racism measures to promote mental health.Advise on drugs and alcohol use and provision of services for young people who are in difficulties in this regard is available from the NHS health advisory services.

The most easy and important thing that could be done to promote mental health is to facilitate good and effective care to young people who are suffering from mental illness.There should be a shared ,acceptable vocabulary amongst the people dealing with youth.

Also there are family based mental health promotion programs which helps in mental health problems.Parents can tend to speak to their children about their marital or other family strain rather that in calmer period.In addition Physiological or physical therapies can be taken for the treatment of mental health disorders.

When we all know that we are discussing the same problem, we can also agree about how best to deal with that problem,and what role each should play.

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