Mood fluctuation ; Causes & remedies

According to psychologists now a days there are increase in the number of cases related to mood fluctuations among women. The major causes are irregularity of hormones followed by unhealthy lifestyle.

Causes and remedies of mood fluctuations

Mood fluctuations
Mood fluctuations

The degree of  mood fluctuations are different in different women, but if any individual is going through intense mood swing problem it is very important to take proper medication in addition try to be positive and practical towards life. Try to control your emotions and increase self confidence.

Dominance of negative thinking

Due to the fast moving hectic life and busy schedule our mind is going through lot of stress, gradually negative thoughts starts harming day to day life and the person is unable to stop himself from negativity. Most of the people are unaware or are less concern about the impact their thinking has on their life. Ultimately this negativity affects mood and self confidence of a person. Try to stay positive and practical towards life.

Uncontrolled emotions

Women are usually very sensitive and most of the times they take things personally. This sensitivity damages your emotions very easily, it also results in various phobias or a fear to loose something. Gradually it affects your thinking and is surrounded by negativity. It is very important to have a good command upon emotions in order to take correct decisions.

Lack of self confidence

Mood swing among women
Mood swing among women

According to doctors those who lacks self confidence easily becomes the victims of inferiority. These kinds of people connect even small matters with their personality and self confidence. Due to this problem they do not succeed in most of the work which results in anxiety. Such people must increase their self confidence and reduces unnecessary stress.

Irregularity of hormones

Around the age of 40 in women there is a intense change of hormones. During this time lack of family support or other related issues results in depression problems. Similarly, some of the girls during their per-menstrual period becomes upset or irritated. Therefore special care should be taken at this period of life.

Absence of nutritive food

Those women who lacks proper nutrition or are unable to take care of their eating habits because of irregular routine are very much affected with mood swings. Lack of nutrients affects both mental and physical health. It is very important to take proper nutrition in order to escape mood fluctuations.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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