Spirituality leads to mental illness

Now being spiritual will not solve all your health problems rather it increases the risk of mental illness among people according to a recent research. Spirituality comes with mental illness and it can even result in other mental disorders.

Spirituality and mental illness
Spirituality and mental illness

Researchers say that people those who are religious but not spiritual are the ones who are at less risk of struggling from mental illnesses. Mental illness usually results in irregular eating habits, nervousness, fear and obsession among those who claims to be spiritual.

In actual those who are spiritual are the ones who are at strict medication for mental illness according to the study. Researchers claims that those individuals who carry a spiritual perception towards life are going through worse mental heath compared to those who are not religious as well a spiritual.

The study was conducted on a review that included around 7500 people from England who were judged upon their viewpoints related to spirituality, religiousness and psychological conditions.

The results showed that around 35% people claims to be religious where as 19% said that they believe in spirituality but do not follow any particular religion, 46% denied of being religious or spiritual.

mental illness
mental illness

From this analysis, it was found that those who believe in spirituality possess 50% chances of suffering from nervousness problem and 70% were having increased risk of phobia. Other problems surrounding these people were heavy drugs consumption and psychological disorder.

Therefore it is suggested by the researchers that being spiritual can be risky as it is the matter of one’s health. The truth is that spirituality can give a deeper meaning of life but it can also mess up your mind.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking nay medication/therapy”

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