Mouth blisters; Home and Ayurvedic Remedies

Mouth blisters is a very common problem which can occur anytime due to infections.Mouth blisters are not contagious but are very irritating and painful.Generally they are associated with the problem in Immune system.They are also caused during hormonal changes like in mensuration and pregnancy time.

mouth blisters
mouth blisters

Mouth blisters occurs more in women compared to men,it is because of the fact that women goes through lot of hormones changes.These blisters are simply caused by trauma and heel quickly on their own.There are lots of reasons through which blisters are caused like;

  1. problem in immune system
  2. over acidic problems
  3. allergy from hot or chilly food
  4. excess alcohol or
  5. consuming tobacco

One of the very common cause is the braces around the teeth and artificial teeth also contribute in causing blisters.

Other reasons of blisters are-

  • Mensuration cycle
  • Bacteria,virus or fungus infection
  • Low potential for disease resistance
  • Allergies
  • Lack of Vitamin C or B12

Many times children also get effected from blisters at that time it becomes very problematic to handle children as they can not bare the pain or take preventive measures.At that time it becomes very necessary to take care of them by their parents.

In a common way when mouth blisters occurs the skin inside the mouth set swelled up and creates a wound.When proper measures are not taken in proper time the problem of blisters becomes more and it even results in a chronic fever.


blisters remedies
blisters remedies

If the constipation can be stopped then to some extend of point blisters can be prevented.Home remedies are of the the best cure for blisters but with these home tips little dietary tips are also important.

  1. Gargle with little salty water often time during a day.
  2. You can also use tea bags and can put them on the affected portions.
  3. Take vitamin C and B 12  pills for increasing the disease resistance potential of the body.
  4. Chew the food very slowly so that the blisters do not get hurt.
  5. Avoid that food which creates allergies in the mouth.
  6. Remember to clean your hands before eating food.
  7. Take proper care when brushing your teeth.
  8. Keep your things separate from others as using same things results in allergies.
  9. Drink clean water and maintain good hygiene level.

If after these tips mouth blisters do not show any difference toward progress then consult your doctor.It is obvious that the blisters are caused by any allergies or infections in that case consultation with a good doctor is very important.

Ayurvedic remedies:

Apply glycerin on the blisters this will definitely give a sign of relief within few days.Take one teaspoon of Emblica and dip it in one glass of water.Filter it next morning with a cloth and gargle with the remaining water.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”



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