Mouth Ulcer Causes & Treatment By Home Remedy

Mouth Ulcersis a very common problem which almost every one has faced.

Mouth Ulcer Treatment
Mouth Ulcer Home Remedy @

The pain given by the ulcers is irritating, it does not let the person infected to eat or drink properly.

Ulcers should be cured on time or otherwise it could become  a menace. If untreated it could lead to gum and tooth decay.

What is Mouth Ulcer

Mouth Ulcer or Oral Ulcer are open sores which happens on the  lips within the mouth. There are many kinds of Mouth Ulcers in which two are the most common one, which are

  • Canker sores
  • Cold sores

Causes Of Mouth Ulcer

There is a list of causes as why Mouth Ulcers happen. Some of them are

Cigarette Smoking

  • Cigarette Smokers frequently face Mouth Ulcers due to smoking. It
    Mouth Ulcer
    Mouth Ulcer Treatment @

    is due to the tobacco present in the Cigarette.

Lack Of Diet

  • Lack of Vitamin C in the diet leads to scurvy gum. One needs to fulfill the need of Vitamin C in order to cure it.

It might even be because of Virus infection or Fungal infection or even Bacterial infection.

Home Remedy To Cure Mouth Ulcers

  • Coconut milk is a great source to cure Mouth Ulcers . One should gargle with it 3 – 5 times a day to cure Mouth Ulcers. Even Eating the coconut will also help in cure.
  • Coriander would also prove helpful. Gargling with it would soon give relief from the pain.
  • Chewing Holy Basil or Tulsi leaves would be beneficial. It gives relief as the leaf itself is anti septic.
  • An equal mixture of Turmeric and Glycerin if applied on the infected area will in cure and would heal the Ulcer very soon.

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