Laughter therapy reduces the effect of dementia

Dementia is something which meddles with the functioning of the brain.It is a condition where the mental activities continuously decreases.The ability of the brain to process the thoughts and improving the intelligence halts.Though, many prevention strategies has been suggested by the researchers.Among all a good joyful belly laugh is as effective as medicines given to dementia patients to reduce their anxiety.

In dementia the brain reaches to such a situation where it finds harder to think,remember and looses its reasoning power too.Dementia do not have any proper effective treatment.Recently,an Australian research has showed that a humorous environment can greatly improve the lives of the people suffering from dementia.

The lead researcher of the study commented that over the time period of 3 years, around 400 people suffering from dementia were given regular sessions of laughter therapy.The result showed a remarkable progress and 20 percent decrease in their anxiety level too.

Depression and stress are the two main factors that ups the risk of dementia among older people.A short time giggle is,a lot beneficial for the people suffering from this disorder.Laughter acts an effective medication and is regarded as a complementary and alternative medicine for dementia patients.

As people with dementia ages the capability of understanding crucial and complex jokes becomes difficult for them.This kind of condition can make them aggressive and defensive if they find someone joking around them.Therefore it is important to maintain the positiveness among dementia suffering people with comes gradually with humour.Humour increases the functioning of the immune system and is beneficial for tolerating the pain and coping with stressed situations.

As the saying goes “A good time laugh is any time you can.”

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”







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