Unnatural ripening of fruits:unhealthy fruits found in Ludhiyana

Do you thing the costly fruits that your are eating are safe for your health? If yes, then look for the news below.

A fresh inquiry done by health authorities of Ludhiana has found that the fruits that are stored in the godowns have a layer of calcium carbide and acetylene gas on them.These methods speed up the ripening process.

The way in which the ripened fruits at the vegetable market are placed stylishly can be harmful and unsafe to your health.The fruits you eat are highly noxious to your health and can cause health hazards.

The bananas in the vegetable market found ripened by applying acetylene gas on them. Withen a day raw fruits are ripened by using chemicals on them,and they are ready to sold the next day.

According to the test made on these fruits, 8 out of 10 samples found to be infectious and hence failed to the test.

The chemicals which are used in these fruits can cause many health diseases like cancer and hepatities B.There are many other godowns which are to be raid on,and a court case has been filed.

The official of the regional vegetable marketĀ  has accepted to the usage of these chemicals to ripen the fruits,to which he said that there are 6 places for ripening and it is really safe to consume unnatural fruits registered by health organization.

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