Natural ways to enhance Immune System

Nature has given us some amazing vegetation which heps in maintaining health and fitness. Basically there are lots and lots of natural elements but when particularly talking about Immune system then it is very important to know how does it works and what are the natural remedies available to strengthen it.

Natural health treatment
Natural health treatment

Immune system works continuously for 24 hours and finds out the reasons from which a particular disease is caused. In rainy season diseases like cold, cough, viral, flue and malaria are very common which decreases the disease resistance efficiency of the body which directly means weakening of immune system.

Even tension and depression is also responsible for a bad health. Check out some natural remedies to enhance your health.

Natural tips for a strong Immune system

  • Holy basil– ┬áIt is a precious gift of nature which is full of various meditative properties. Its leaves are used to cure many diseases. It has a special place in Ayurveda as it is considered a successful medication for cold ,cough or even for cancer. Holy Basil is rich in anti-bacterial, anti- viral and anti- inflammatory properties.
  • Coriander– It contains protein and fiber elements which helps in stimulating appetite. It is also effective in the betterment of digestion.
Coriander leaves
Coriander leaves
  • Curry leaves– It is an anti-diabetic element which helps in enhancing digestion. It reduces acidity problem and in addition it also contain anti-oxidant properties.
  • Green tea– Continuous use of green tea enhances the disease resistance efficiency. Green tea is rich in anti-oxidant properties which protect the body from anti-viral problems. It also strengthens the metabolism rate, Moreover compared to other drinks it has a less calorie content.
Green tea
Green tea
  • Turmeric– Turmeric is used as spice but then also raw turmeric works as a herb. It is useful in curing pain or wounds. Because of its antiseptic properties it is useful in abstaining any infection. It gives magical health results when consumed with milk daily.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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