Bad breath causes & remedies

Bad breath is a common problem from which most of the people are suffering. It can be a shameful situation for you  which brings negativity in life. Bad breath decreases the morale of a person and brings a wrong impression of an individual’s personality. Check out the causes and remedies of bad breath.

Bad breath
Bad breath

How to recognize the problem?

It is a thing of little worry as sometimes you are unable to make out your bad breath  and people also feel this offensive to inform you. But here are some symptoms which will help you to know about your bad breath.

  1. Bad taste of mouth, this is caused by the anaerobic bacteria present in the mouth and this taste is like an acid.
  2. Mouth dryness because of inappropriate oxygen and saliva.
  3. Dry tongue and yellow patches on it.

What are the causes?

Bad breath causes
Bad breath causes

There can be many medical causes of bad breath. In this case doctor provide medication to the patient according to the disease.

  1. Diabetes, nose or lungs infection, improper working of kidney and liver.
  2. Bad breath can also be caused by depression as it creates mouth dryness.
  3. Consuming excess alcohol or smoking.
  4. Shortage of water in the body.
  5. Improper digestive system is also one of the main reason for bad breath.


  • Cleaning of teeth– You can get rid of bad breath by proper cleaning of teeth. The main causes of this problem are bacteria that are present on your tongue and in between your teeth. Apart from these diet related causes or improper cleaning of mouth after easting food are also responsible for bad breath.
  • Cleaning of tongue- Mainly doctors believe that people are less concerned about the cleaning of their tongue, which amounts to bad breath. Try to clean your tongue daily.
  • Gargles– It is the best method of keeping your mouth clean. Gargle as much as you can after eating every meal through out the day.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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