How to wax underarms at home?

 Waxing is regarded as a significant alternative for cleaning underarms. It makes the skin soft and lasts longer as compared to trimming. Using hair removal creams can have negative effects on skin more over they are the one’s which causes skin darkness. Check out some easy and painless underarms waxing tips. 

Underarms hair removal
Underarms hair removal

You can also consult a professional beautician for underarm waxing but still have the choice to do it yourself at home and save that extra expenditure. It is a simple process but you need to trim your hair prior to waxing if they are more than ¼ inch long. Be calm if you are doing it for the first time, just follow the instructions given below and get a soft waxed underarm.

 Things needed for waxing-

  1.  Talcum Power
  2. Wax
  3. Wax Strips

3 easy steps for underarm waxing

Hot wax
Hot wax
  • First buy a wax and prepare it by following the directions mentioned on the guidebook or tag. After that properly clean your underarms and soak them with towel. Do not rub the skin with towel strongly to avoid redness or any itching on the skin.
  • Gently apply talcum powder on the underarms so that the wax can easily stick to the hairs so that they can be easily removed. Now coat a layer of wax to the underarm area in the direction of hair growth. Stretch your arm being waxed towards the back of your head. This would determine that the wax is systematically applied and no space is left out, particularly in the crease of the underarm.
Underarm waxing
Underarm waxing
  • Apply and press the cloth strip on your skin and make sure that the cloth is correctly fixed to the wax. Now grab one corner of the cloth and promptly pull it toward the direction opposite to the hair growth. Repeat the process till full underarm area has been waxed properly. Rinse the waxed are with cold water this would relieve the waxed skin. Now, repeat the same process for the other underarm.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/ therapy”

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