Negative thoughts harm health

A new study has suggested that remembering the past over and over again can be very harmful for the health.The study has been done in  the University of Granada says that people behavior towards their past events, present feelings, and future expectations greatly influence their perception towards life.

The co-author of the study and the UGR researcher Christian Oyanadel said that if people have some negative thoughts about their past then  they are likely to have pessimist attitude towards anything they do at present.

The study was done on 50 individuals including 25 women and 25 men, and were given random questions and time orientation test.The test comprises of questionnaire which reflect their attitude towards the past, the present and the future.

The researchers noticed that people who come under this category have a negative outlook in most of the cases and also find difficulty to make physical efforts in their daily activities.They also have bad health and are likely to become more ill as compared to other optimistic people.

The study was published in the journal Universitas Psychologica.

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