Symptoms and signs of cancer

An uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body causes cancer.There are different types of cancer and different methods to deal with each type of cancer symptom.Though, sometimes it is difficult to find out the type of cancer untilĀ  they reach the advance stages.

Here are some common symptoms of cancer that can help in its early detection and timely cure:

Unexpected weight loss-Weight loss without any specific cause is one of the reason for cancers such as stomach,pancreas,lungs or esophagus and stomach.

Fever-Some cancers are associated with fevers.People who are suffering from cancer have fever once due to cancer or due to its treatment which effects the immune system of the patient.

Pain-Early stages of cancer are usually painless, most of the pain which arises due to cancer occurs at its advance stages.Pain can be felt with cancers like in testicular cancer or bone cancer.

Bleeding- Discharge of blood is the sign of lung cancer..Bleeding can happen in early or most probably in advanced cancer.If you feel blood in stool then it may be the sign of rectal cancer,if bleeding occurs in urinr then that is bladder or kidney cancer.And discharge of blood from nipple is the sign of breast cancer.

Changes in the color of skin-If the color of your skin changes or the appearance of the already existing mole fades or changes color, then it may be the sign of skin cancer.

Indigestion- If you feel indigestion or have trouble swallowing the food then it could be esophagus or stomach cancer.

“The information present is for General Purpose, please consult your doctor before taking any medication /therapy”

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