Oats for healthy breakfast

Health is an important aspect of life.Everyone wants to be healthy and fit.Unhealthy food habits, drinking alcohol,smoking,lack of exercise leads to bad health and and acts an open invitation to harmful diseases.

Eat healthy to be healthy.Breakfast is very important part of our daily meals.Most of the people consumes high fat foods like cheese sandwiches, omelets, butter toast etc.This unhealthy food habit leads to various heart diseases, obesity and other similar problems.So it becomes necessary to have something healthy in breakfast to keep our body healthy and fit.

Oats are something which are considered  good source of calcium,protein, insoluble and soluble fiber.Insoluble fiber has cancer fighting capability and soluble fiber has the property of reducing LDL cholesterol, slow downs the digestion of starch which prevents diabetes.It also helps in preventing various heart diseases.

Oats have lo level of sodium which is helpful in reducing the high blood pressure and hypertension.Oats is beneficial for curing the problem of constipation.

Oats when mixed with milk is a great source of calcium and protein.One bowl of oats is healthier for people who are trying to loose weight.

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