Obesity increases the risk of heart attacks:adverse effects of fatness

Over weight or percentage of fat present in your body can directly effect your health and can be the main cause of getting heart attack.The wrong  eating habits can increase the risk of heart attacks even if the person is absolutely healthy.

A resent research said that people who are fat and are absolutely healthy are twice likely to suffer from heart attacks than those who are not obese.Obese person have 75 percent of risk  due to their eating habits.

Obese persons suffers from high blood pressure and even from diabetes and high level of cholesterol.These all signals are conductive of getting heart attacks.A proper check in diet is very much necessary to reduce the risk of heart attacks.There should be low calorie, low cholesterol and healthy tools in a diet.

Being obese is the main cause linked with many heart problems. The new study says that being over weight had adverse effect on your blood pressure and cholesterol levels and there is 45 percents risk of getting various heart diseases.

In addition with many heart problems obese people can have low level of inflammation and blood vessels function problems  due to which  imbalance in blood chemicals occurs leading to blood clotting.

It not only effect your heart or blood vessels but it is one of the major cause of gallstones and can deteriorate your degenerative joint diseases.Because of being obese plague buildup in your arteries due to which an area of raptures causing blood clotting at any part.If that clot is near to your brain it blocks the blood flow and oxygen reaching your brain which causes stroke.

These problems can also be seen in teens who are overweight or obese.Many children are suffering from health problems like diabetes or cholesterol level.An immediate eating control  should be taken to get security from heart diseases because obesity increases the risk of death.

“The information given above is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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