Breathe Right for Life

“Breathing is so simple—and free! People can’t believe it works as a healing and preventative tool”

– Herbert Benson, M.D.,

Did you know that breathing wrongly can result in heart diseases, developing allergies, increase weight, blood pressure, weaken immune system, stress….phew..!!!! the list is endless, you name a diseases and its there in the list.

Here are a few breathing exercises which helps in strengthening the immune system to lead a healthy life.

Alternate Nostril Breathing :

Sit crosslegged and close your eyes. Use your right thumb the right nostril, and inhale deeply through the left for about six seconds. Now, block your left nostril with the fourth finger of your right hand, release through your right nostril, and exhale slowly for six seconds. With your left nostril blocked, breathe in through your right side for six seconds; then cover your right nostril again, release your left, and exhale for six seconds. Repeat the entire sequence for at least two minutes.

The Bee Breath

This type of breathing is particularly good for curing allergies. Sit in a comfortable position, take a deep breath through your nose, then let out a high-pitched humming sound as you exhale through your nose. You must feel a vibration in your nose, as well as in your chest and head.

The humming sound increases the breathing cycle, ad thus allowing more oxygen to fill lungs. Humming opens the ostia, which connect the sinuses to the nasal cavities.

The Victory Breath (Ujjai Breathing)

Sit comfortably inhale through your nose for four deep seconds making a snoring like sound from throat, you should feel the vibration in your throat, hold four seconds, and then exhale five deep seconds making snoring like sound from your throat.

This exercise stimulates the Thyroid gland and thus improves metabolism, it will also give you a control of yourself in case of stress.

So dear readers please breath right and breath long for a strong immune system. And you know breathing is free…:) so take as much oxygen as you can and fill it in your lungs.

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