Left side abdomen pain can cause colon cancer

There are number of causes for the pain on the left side of the abdomen.Mostly the pain is dull but it can be a sign of some serious problem.If your abdominal pain is associated with symptoms like shortness of breath,dizziness,confusion or high degree fever then it is time you consult your physician without giving any second thought.

The cause of left side abdominal pain varies between men and women.In women the pain can be linked to organs like uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries.Make a check what causes the pain,whether it is linked to sleeping, eating,menstrual cycle or the bowel movements.In men the pain signifies the symptom of prostrate cancer or a condition called Varicocele(compression on testicles).

Numerous reasons are responsible for the left side abdominal pain such as  constipation,diverticulitis,urinary tract infection,kidney stone,pancreatitis, ulcer,ovarian cysts, miscarriage,pelvic inflammatory disease,pneumonia, or menstruation.Abdominal pain can also be caused due to colon cancer.

According to a survey,about 50000 Americans die because of colon cancer per year.Colon cancer occurs due to unbalanced diet and cigarette smoking.If the pain on the left side of the abdomen makes you feel like vomiting, fatigue and you suffers from weight loss or diarrhoea then it is really a serious problem for your health.

Not every case of left side abdomen pain is linked to any disease, it can be for a moment that you experience the pain and then it goes away.But if the pain lasts for more than a hour and you are not able to get relief instantly, then it is the time that you immediately see your physician and know the real cause of the pain and get the correct treatment for it.Untreated pain can lead to many future complications for your health.Serious cases can lead to surgery too.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”



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