Oral health care for healthy teeths

Maintaining a good oral health is necessary to prevent teeth from diseases.About 80 percent of the people suffer from cavities and other oral health problems.According to American Dental Association-a proper dental care prevents tooth from decaying and prevents periodontal disease, which is a main cause of tooth damage.

Be active to brush your teeth twice a day regularly and have regular visit to your dentist.Learn ways to protect your teeth and gums from damaging and tooth loss.

The various mouth problems include-

-Gingivitis: is responsible for inflammation of gums.

-Dental cavities: is responsible for damaging tteeth.

-Halitosis: is responsible for bad breath and odour.

-Tooth Abscess: causes bacterial infection in teeth.

-Periodontists: infects the ligaments and bones which supports teeth.

 Here are some tips for maintaining oral health:

1)Eat the right food- Your diet reflects your tooth health.Diet rich in carbohydrates such as candy,dry fruits, and soda causes damage to the teeth.Carbohydrates turns the bacteria that stays in mouth into acid which dissolves the enamel surface of teeth.Maintain a balanced diet rich in vitamin D,B,C , calcium, zinc.They make teeth strong and prevents them from damaging.Avoid foods rich in carbohydrate or brush properly after intake of such foods.

2)Consult your dentist- Visit your dentist at least once in 6 months to know the real situation of your oral health and for the protection of your teeth.Regular check-ups are necessary for good and hygienic oral health.If you are experiencing any minor oral problem, then he can diagnose it well and suggests you the necessary preventive measures.

3)Avoid use of tobacco- Tobacco is the main reason behind the tooth decay and damage.It causes tooth loss and raises the risk of developing various gum diseases.

4)Do not stress- Find ways to reduce your stress level. You tends to grind your teeth and clinch them to each other when your are overstressed, this causes unwanted damage to them.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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