Orthostatic Hypotension, its causes and symptoms

A large network of blood vessels spreads all throughout the body consisting of arteries, capillaries and veins.Blood pressure is the pressure that blood puts against the walls of the heart arteries.The condition where the blood pressure with each heart beat reduces than the normal state is called hypotension.As the blood pressure drops the brain and other organs of the body do not get enough blood to keep them functioning at normal level.

Orthostatic hypotension causes weakness, unclear vision and syncope(fainting).The person suffering from orthostatic hypotension  experiences a sudden fall  in the blood pressure while standing up instantly.

Causes of Orthostatic Hypotension:

When a person sit or lie down for a long period of time, the blood vessels of leg due to gravity constricts and prevents blood flow for a  moment.When the person stand upright the special cells of the heart recognizes this low blood pressure and commands the heart to pump more blood which equalizes the blood pressure.

During  orthostatic hypotension there exists an interrupt to the flow of  blood and restricts the heart to counterbalance the low blood pressure.Causes to orthostatic hypotension includes-

1)Aging- Orthostatic hypotension normally occurs to old age people.

2)Dehydration- Reduced amount of water in body causes orthostatic hypotension.

3)Pregnancy- Improper diet during pregnancy can cause orthostatic hypotension.

4)Cardiovascular disorders- Such as heart attack or any kind of valve disease leads to  orthostatic hypotension.

5)Parkinson’s disease- The nervous system disorder may interrupts with the normal flow of blood.

6)Hypovolemia- It is a condition where the blood volume reduces in the body.

7) Anaemia- The condition where the red blood cells decreases in the body.

8 )Depression,anxiety, erectile dysfunction may cause orthostatic hypotension.

9)Less physical activities or long time be rest also causes orthostatic hypotension.

Symptoms of orthostatic hypotension:

The main symptom to find out if you are suffering from orthostatic hypotension is when you feel a kind of dizziness and light-headed everytime you stand up from prolonged sitting posture or while you lie down on bed.

People suffering from orthostatic hypotension faint often due to abnormality in the flow of blood.Blurred vision,flummoxed state of mind,weakness,pain in the chest,nausea,fatigue are the other factors that occurs during orthostatic hypotension.


Though occasional light-headedness is common and very minor to be noticed.Light headedness can also be caused during summers when the body suffers from dehydration or low blood sugar level due to excessive heat.If you feel these symptoms rarely and less often then it is not the issue of worrying.

But if the symptoms occur every time you do any type of work, then it is better you consult your doctor before it becomes a health risk for you.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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