Osteoarthritis Treatment: Cartilage Transplant for Treating Osteoarthritis

All our joints are lined with cartilages, and cartilage cells once damaged are lost forever. Normally the cartilage starts showing wear and tear as we age and this disease is a called osteoarthritis. However the joint tissues may also wear and tear due to some injury or  accident at our early age. There was no cure for patients who used to develop osteoarthritis at a very young age.

Now with the help of  new revolutionary technique it is now possible to grow the cartilage in a laboratory!

It is impossible for anyone but a patient’s doctor to give appropriate advise regarding their individual condition. But Recent, surgical innovation has led to a technique for the repairing cartilage.

The cells are grown using normal cartilage cells. This surgery is an open surgery with a cut around 3 inches. The patient can go home in 24 hours. It takes 6 weeks for the new cells to re grow the lost cartilage.

The cost of this procedure is around 1.5 lakhs currently. Initially the cartilage had to be sent abroad and the cost was around 30000 US dollars. But now this facility is available in India, therefore the cost has come down. The cost of harvesting and reimplanting surgeries is the additional cost involved. Since the cartilage is grown from the patients own cells there is no foreign material implanted and no allergic reactions.

This revolutionary technique has brought a new ray of hope of people with osteoarthritis at early age.

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