Oversleeping causes and prevention

Insomnia and sleep apnea are not the only sleep disorders people are suffering from, oversleep is also a kind of disorder caused by either some medical conditions or by the environmental factors.

The National Sleep Foundation has reported that sleeping excessively can be the sign of an illness, and if the problem goes unnoticed then it can be very harmful for the health of an individual.

Common causes of oversleeping:

1) Use of alcohol or prescribed medicines can be the cause for oversleeping which makes you tired and fatigue.If you have drinking habit then you should not do it before sleeping.

2)Depression and stress can be the cause of oversleeping as it  will not allow you to leave your bed early in the morning. If you are really stress then you feel tired and wants to sleep more at the end of the day.

3)Fatigue is also one of the causes, because if you are taking the right amount of sleep then it makes you tired and fatigue  and you might oversleep for many hours as body needs to regain energy from fatigue.

4)Sleep apnea, a disorder which make patient stop breathing at regular times all through the night, can also one of the causes of oversleep because the disruptions to the patient suffering from sleep apnea makes him/her to get a good night sleep which leads to oversleeping to the next morning.

Prevention against oversleeping:

1)Commit to a proper sleeping schedule.

2)Avoid coffee in the afternoon and alcohol before going to sleep.

3)Expose your eyes to sunlight for 2 hours everyday.

4)Practice to reduce your sleep daily.

5)Avoid the beliefs of sleeping such as you love sleeping or you hate to wake up early etc.

6)Be motivated to wake up early in the morning and stop oversleeping.

“The information present is for General Purpose, please consult your doctor before taking any medication / therapy”

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