Quick health tips for your child

Every year in United States many children are diagnosed with disorders like obesity and high cholesterol.Kids suffering from obesity and high cholesterol levels are more likely to be effected by diabetes or high blood pressure.These conditions can be avoided by making your child eat healthy and live healthy.It is very important for you to guide you kid  to lead a healthy life and explaining him/her the benefits of healthy food.

healthy food for kids

Childhood is the appropriate time to inculcate healthy eating habits in your child.Here are some very simple health tips that you can practice with your kids to keep them fit and healthy.

Health tips for your child:

1)Breakfast is very important-

It is very essential that you encourage you child for a healthy morning breakfast everyday.Your child should be active enough to carry out the daily routine activities such as studying, playing etc.Child’s performance may degrade if your child is hungry till lunch.Give him a bowl of cereal with milk daily in the breakfast.

2)Nutritious food is must-

Doctors advise that never let your kids decide that what food they should eat in breakfast, lunch or dinner.Parents should decide what kind of food to buy and serve to their kids.Also, your kids should never sleep hungry during night.Otherwise they will eat whatever is available in your fridge.You can prepare your kid’s favorite once in a while.

3)Wash hands before eating-

Teach your child to always wash their hands before eating.It is a healthy habit which they can retain for their entire life.Your kid is always busy in doing something or the other everyday.When your child touches something or play the germs get transferred ,due to which your kid becomes vulnerable to various diseases.

Washing hands properly keep your kids away from various health problems.

health tips for children

 4)Sleep is very important-

Doctors say that the most important part of healthy living is  to get enough sleep.It is necessary for you kid to get atleast 10-11 hours of sleep a day.Also, be choosy and careful while buying school  bags for your child.Select the one with cushion shoulder straps and which should not be too heavy to put strain on your child’s back.Let your kid to carry bag on his/her both shoulder to avoid muscle strain and other back problems.

5)Maintain a well balanced diet-

A well maintained and balanced diet is very necessary for your child’s health.Include lots of green leafy vegetables, fruits, food containing omega 3 fats  in your child’s diet .A well balanced diet helps in healthy growth of your child both physically and mentally.

Switch off the television while having lunch or dinner.The entire family should share the dinner together.Regularly monitor your child’s health, he/she should not be too fat or too thin and make sure to visit dentist and pediatrician once in a month.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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