Secrets of Ginger for Amazing Health Benefits

Today, Ginger is a well-known ingredient in our daily life recipes. It has not gained popularity these days instead it is popular since ages. Our ancestors have recommended various health formulas of ginger which when applied results in curing of various diseases.


Benefits Of Ginger

  • Ginger can be used as a remedy to cure cough and cold.
  • Ginger tea can help reduce the chances of vomiting while travelling
  • Ginger tea has a soothing property and thus help in reducing stress
  • Ginger tea also helps in reducing menstrual pain if a towel dipped in warm tea is applied on the lower abdomen
  • Ginger tea helps in improving the immunity levels of body
  • If you are having joint pain you can soak them into ginger tea
  • Ginger tea also helps in the digestion process
  • Applying ginger paste on the forehead can help reduce headache
  • Ginger can prevent the growth of cancer cells if taken on a daily basis in the diet
  • Adding few drops of ginger oil in your bathing water can avoid joint pains
  • By crushing a ginger and extracting its juice and adding Ajwain (Carom Seeds) to it and drinking, it can relieve you of acidity problem

How to prepare Ginger Tea

  1. Peel off the ginger
  2. Cut it into 12-15 pieces
  3. Place a pan on the stove with 2cups water in it
  4. Let the water boil
  5. Add those pieces into the boiling water
  6. Sim the gas to its lowest
  7. Let the ginger boil for about 10 min
  8. Cut a lemon into two equal halves
  9. Squeeze out one half lemon into your cup
  10. Sieve out the tea into your cup
  11. If you want you can’t add sugar or honey to it to make it yummier

Your Ginger tea is ready. Drink it

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