Yoga combines the soul & the mind: 10 useful tips to make yoga better

One of the best mental as well as physical exercises is yoga.It combines your mind,soul,sense and body.It has a calming effect which gives a feeling of heaven.

Yoga and meditation is one way through which one can attain peace of mind.It takes you away from all the sins and negative feelings.It fills your soul with  positivity which works as a healing effect for the body.

Yoga and meditation help in improving living conditions.It also makes you healthy and powerful to carry on your day to day working.Yoga maintains a crucial balance between concentration and relaxation.

Yoga is very effective if done in a proper manner but if it has adverse effects to.If it is done in a wrong manner it can take your health away. For proper and correct yoga positions here are some tips which will help you to know better.

10 Important tips to make your yoga better:

  • Before opting yoga must consult your doctor,he will suggest you about the kind of yoga which suits your health.
  • There are various types of yoga classes,make sure which class you want to opt the gentle one or the extreme one.
  • The best time for doing yoga or meditation is the morning time when your stomach is empty.Make sure that to have eaten nothing for 4-5 hours before yoga.

  • Try to wear loose clothes so that it becomes easy when you stretch and at the same time the space should be airy.
  • Must hire a instructor if you are doing yoga for the first time mere watching CDs or DVDs can not guide you properly.
  • Must use foot sprays
  • Once you start indulging in yoga make it your daily routine because leaving yoga in between can have adverse effects on your health.

  • Yoga is one of the effective way of loosing those extra pounds, people who are over weight can try yoga and meditation for better fitness.
  • Yoga is helpful in curing  many diseases like cancer,blood pressure,diabetics etc so make sure you choose the best yoga for your body.
  • Create a proper environment for yoga,places having pollution problems should be avoided rather places having natural touch should be opted.

Keep it in your mind that yoga and meditation needs patience.They do not show expected results  immediately.You have to wait and continue your yoga exercises for a long period of time.You will experience good results but after a little time.So patiently wait for advantageous results.

“The information given above is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication”


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