Shirodhara: Reduces mental stress, try at home

Shiro in Sanskrit means “head” and dhara means to “flow”.Hence,in the books of Ayurveda Shirodhara means the flow of oil on the head.In Shirodhara oil therapy warm oil is made to drips on the forehead from the pot positioned above the head, also known as Shiva’s third eye treatment.

Shirodhra is meant to be a powerful ayurvedic treatment to lighten the stress and bring calmness to mind.It can be successfully done at home also with a steady stream of warmed medicated oil or butter milk poured on the forehead over the third eye.

One can try it at  while lying down and someone to pour the Ayurveda mix oil in a quite place or listening to calm ans soothing music.The therapy or the treatment is very much helpful to cure stress of mind and chronic migraines.

As far as the oil type is concerned one must consult to the ayurvedic expert to know about the best fit method that suits one’s body.

How Shirodhara works?

When individual is made to lie on his back and a pot of medicated oil or milk over his/her forehead, then that oil is made to fall in drops on the forehead which slowly drips down the scalp and curing the whole nervous system disorders and rejuvenating the person.

A full body massage is also given after the pouring of milk on the forehead.Therefore providing the person with the sense of calm and peace.

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  1. Very good information regarding self shirodhara. Tell me which type of oils should content in the pot of drop.

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