Eating in front of TV leads bad snacking habits

A new research has revealed that eating food while watching TV leads to over consumption during a later meal.Researchers have examined that those who are distracted while having meal consume more unhealthy snacks than those who pay more attention on their food.

The researchers further suggest that reading a book or having any other type of discussion have the same distracting effect.The people who felt less hungry after their are the one who focus closely to the flavor, appearance and texture of the food.

The psychologist who did the research,Dr.Suzanne Higgs says”Focusing on the texture and flavor of the food while eating is the best way to reduce snacking.Our findings suggest that avoiding distraction like watching television or eating on the go is a god idea.”

The fact is not so clear yet but researchers commented that the habit could lead to obesity problems in future.People who watch TV or read while having their meals develop less food memories and therefore at timesĀ  are more likely to snack.

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