Breast Cancer Awareness: Breast Cancer Survivors may have early hip fractures

A fresh report on Breast Cancer says that people who have survived the problem of breast cancer may have an increased risk of hip fractures earlier than any other woman.

The reason told by the researchers isĀ  the combination of Chemotherapy and other treatments,like aromatase inhibitors that can cause rapid bone weakening that is rarely identified with bone mineral density testing.

A report published by Clinical Cancer Research,shows the results of six hip bone fractures found in breast cancer survivors at their 50s,which were treated at North Western University’s Bone Health and Osteoporosis Center.

The MD,Beatrice J.Edwards who manage the center says “Only one of the women had osteoporosis.The other five had some evidence of bone thinning call Osteopenia,but not enough to warrant the treatment with osteoporosis drug under current guidelines.”

Cause and prevention of Hip Fracture Risk

Edward says that women who are suffering from breast cancer generally reach thier menopause stage.In these women the treatments like Chemotherapy plus the menopause plus the other alternative treatments causes bone loss.The Aromatase,that is used to stop estrogen prolongation in post menopausal women with estrogen positive tumors,is pretty good to cause breaking of bones.

Charles L.Shapiro ,MD who manages and directs the breast cancer module in Ohio State University Medical Center says that women who go through aromatase inhibitors should be closely looked upon and examined for bone loss.

He further says that breast cancer survivors must perform a bone firmness exam every second year and should also take additional dose of Vitamin D plus calcium plus osteoporosis drug.

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