Special hair care during winters

Hair needs proper care from the beginning.Black,shiny and thick hair is a beauty for ever.Just like the skin hair also needs proper diet.Nutritious and balanced diet makes hair healthy,and for that it is very important to take care of hair from early ages.

hair care in winters
Hair care in winters

According to a latest study 90 % hair grows any time but 10 % hair grows very slowly and are in a stage of rest.In every 2-3 months these resting hair falls and new hair replaces them.In winters hair and scalp needs special care and protection.Because of cold it is not possible to wash hair every day with the result dust get deposited in the scalp making more hair fall problems.If good care is taken from the very beginning you can easily eliminate the problem of hair fall during winters easily.

Hair care tips;

  1. For preventing hair fall opt for correct hair brushes and combs.Learn how to comb properly.Separate your hair in small sections and then start combing them properly.Avoid combing wet hairs.
  2. Always choose mild shampoos for hairs.Hard chemical shampoos have negative impact on hair and scalp.From here the problems like hair falling and dryness starts effecting your scalp.So always use conditioner with mild shampoos,so that hair should be managed easily.
  3. The main ingredient which makes hair healthy is protein,take proper care that your diet should contain full amount of protein.Eat food like milk,cereals,red meat,oats etc because they are full of protein content.Nutritious and balanced diet will improve the texture and quality of hairs.

Home remedy;

  1. For home made treatment take one cup gooseberry,two table spoon caster oil,and one egg.Mix all the three ingredients until a fine paste is ready.Apply on the scalp and hair.Wash after half an hour with warm water.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication /therapy”

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