Stable birth control through contesceptive pills:long time effects & health risks

Family planning is one of the greatest anxiety of married people now a days.Today majority of people do not want any surgical operations for constant birth controls and  opt temporary ways.

It is studied that out of 100 couples 30 choose to use contraceptive pills for birth control.According to some studies consuming these pills have many adverse effects to.Like they causes sinus problem in children.

A study was held to resolve the relation between contraceptive pills used by ladies and their effects on the respiratory system of new born.It was analyzed that miscellaneous types of pills generates sinus problems in babies due to respiratory infections.

The study further said that around 62,000 children aging from 6 months and above tolerate respiratory infections,43,560 suffer from obstruction in the air passage in chest aging 18 months and above and about 25,500 undergo from asthma problems aging from 36 months and above.

The good news is that there is a substitute of these pills that contain both estrogen and prosgestin which are less hazardous for your kids.Such pills do not causes the problem of respiratory tract infections and can be put to use easily.

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