Tips to have attractive lips

Red or rosy lips are enormously gorgeous and appear to be attractive on their own without the use of any additions. A dark lip indicates good health and the proper time you give to your fitness. They add a touch of liveliness to the face and make it absolutely gorgeous. Let us help you to restore your natural looks with some easy home remedies that are effective and have great importance.

 Tips to have soft and beautiful  lips

Rosy lips
Rosy lips


Honey with baking soda

Melt some baking soda in water to make a bulky paste. Massage it on your lips and leave for a minute. Wash off with mild water. Now apply some drops of honey for 10 minutes.  It is an effective remedy and gives positive results if followed regularly.

Scrub and massage

Massage the lips in circular motions with an old tooth brush. Once they get smooth and soft, rub petroleum jelly over them with fingers tips. Wash with mild warm water. This process helps in maintaining  lips by eliminating the dead cells and leaving behind a fresh shade that can be achieved by regular care.

Almond oil with lemon

lips massage
lips massage

A mixture of lemon juice and almond oil applied on lips will make them soft and bring back any color that is lost because of the sun. Lemon juice is very beneficial for lips and their health.


The pinkness and volume of your lips has a direct connection with the amount of water consumption. Dry lips appear pale and blackish that no one wants to have. But if you do want to have natural dark lips, then avoid over drinking of water or making them wet with your saliva.

Protection and care

Always use a lip cream that contains SPF sun protection. This will help in retaining the natural color of your lips and avoid them from being dry. However, a little sun rays are necessary for their darker shades.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy” 

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