Top 5 Foods for glowing skin

Everyone want a great glowing skin.People spend a lot of money for facials, potions and skin creams.But the secret is that the skin in actual sense is the mirror of your body inside.

The foremost step to get a beautiful complexion is to provide the appropriate nourishment to the body through a well balanced healthy diet.Cutting down on alcohol and increasing the intake of antioxidants and omega-3 to your diet improves the texture of your skin.

Here are some foods listed for better and glowing skin:

1)Curd:Curd has compounds like phosphorus and calcium in it, which not only strengthen the tooth enamel but also protect your teeth various cavities.It has protein called collagen which keeps your skin glowing.Curd can also be applied on face to clean the dead skin cells and the unclogging pores.

2)Cocoa: Cocoa beans consist of an antioxidant compound called flavanols which protect the skin from harmful rays of the sun.

3)Strawberries: Strawberries are rich in Vitamin C which protects the skin from the open environmental damage.Blend the berries with curd and half a lemon juice, it helps in lightning the dark spots.

4)Tea: Green tea and white tea are very good for skin as it contains the double amount of antioxidant then black tea.

5)Almonds: almonds contains high levels of an enzyme called catalase which lessens the greying process.

“The information present is for General Purpose, please consult your doctor before taking any medication / therapy”


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