Protein less diet causes infertility

A new research has found that  miscarriage and infertility in women can  be caused due to inappropriate amount of protein in the diet .

Protein is responsible for regulating the fluid balance in various parts of the body and the womb.The malfunction of protein levels causes pregnancy loss and infertility in women.The study is done by a team of experts from Imperial College in London, who took samples of of 100 women and discovered that women suffering from infertility had high levels of enzyme SGK1 and the one with miscarriage had low levels of the same enzyme.

The study was published in the journal called Nature Medicine and leads the medical research one step closer to discovering the treatment fro the disorder.

Dr. Maduri Salker, a researcher says that correct diagnosis of womb lining will be taken into consideration to find the abnormalities which can give higher risk of pregnancy problems, so as to start the treatment of women before they get pregnant.


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