Top 5 skin glowing fruits

If you find your skin dull and dry, it means you are lacking some minerals and vitamins in your diet.To get a soft and glowing skin, know the best fruits to eat that make your skin as youthful as ever.While we age our skin looses the natural texture,people often go for surgical measures to avoid them.But the aging of the skin can be slowed by eating right fruits our skin.

Unlike chemical beauty treatments Fruits are hydrated in nature, they rejuvenate the skin and brings a natural glow to the skin without wasting much money.

Here are the top 5 fruits to make your skin youthful and glowing as ever:

1)Oranges- Oranges are the rich source of Vitamin C.Vitamin C cleands the toxins and impurities from our body.There is a compund called collagen which is responsible for slowing down the aging process.Oranges are dried and the powder is mixed with rose water is a amazing mixture that can be used as scrub  to clear the skin blemishes and acne.

2)Papaya- Papaya has enormous benefits as it is rich in antioxidants and consists of a special enzyme called Papain that destroys the dead cells of the skin and makes skin pure and glowing.Papaya can also be applied on skin leaving a long lasting   glowing effect on the skin.

3)Lemons- Lemon is such a fruits which has plenty of sugar, fruits acids and enzyme compounds which clears the dead cells from the skin in an instant.Fresh lemons are always suggested to clean dark under arms and elbows.The scrubbing of lemon on the skin lighten the colour of the skin and acts as a bleaching agent.

4)Apples- Apples are best suggested to cure the problem of acne.Eating an apple a day also keep wrinkles away.The natural acid found in apples helps in removing the excess amount of oil from the skin thus preventing the growth of blackheads, white heads.

5)Banana- Banana is an all season fruit . Banana is a fruit rich in magnesium, potassium, and iron and is an excellent fruit to cure menstrual cramps. Banana can be applied on the face once in a week as it is rich in vitamin A, B and E and works as an excellent anti-aging fruit.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy.”

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