‘Polio elimination’ government’s main agenda

Positive results are obtained by India this year in polio cases.According to the health and family welfare minister of India it is reported that compared to last year’s margin there is 98% success achieved in polio casesĀ  this year.

Polio is a very serious topic from the beginning especially in a country like India.Government is giving its 100% to reduce this problem mainly in rural places.The steps taken by the government to encourage people to have practical approach towards this disease is seems to be a victory now.

As compared to last year where there were 42 polio cases recorded now this year it is just one.2011 is said to be a lucky year for the health ministry as success is very clear in case of a horrible disease like polio.

Government is not only putting efforts to reduce this problem but it aims in the elimination of polio from the country which is quit visible now.It is determined to stop polio virus so that each and every child can enjoy a perfect and better life in future.According to a deep study it was found that the last case of this year was found in Uttar Pradesd and Bihar.

The minister said they are adding world polio experts in their polio elimination team and are all set to give a tough fight to any polio virus in the near future.


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