Spirituality holds the secret of perfect health and fitness

How can we attain calm and composed lifestyle? peaceful living give rest to mind and soul.Good health comes with perfect thinking,if  mind is free from tension health prospers.

The peace of mind can be attained by having  proper knowledge of God.He is the supreme power,it upgrades our confidence level and free our soul from all the sins.The knowledge provide us self-confidence and external existence towards the world.

It prevents us from the day to day troubles of mankind like mortality,hunger,diseases,destitution and disgrace.Actually present science is away from these facts and if you keep all your expectations to it, it will fail to give you true peace of mind.

The pure study of health and fitness can not be achieved by studying related books it comes from the absolute peace of mind.If you understand your health and wants directly instead of studying them you can mature your mind and improve your lifestyle.

Try diverting your mind towards spirituality because it do not pass away or extinguish with the passage of time.It provides intelligence and confidence which are enough to keep us fit and healthy throughout.It escapes us from exhaustion , mind distraction,confusion and disorder.

Not only this apart from having to many benefits spirituality keeps us free from greed,addiction,jealousy,retribution and detestation which can kill your mental health.

It means that if your soul and mind are pure through spirituality you can notice the feelings like joy,love,kindness,satisfaction and finally mental calmness.So,the mystery of  good health and fitness is the pure peace of mind and soul with can be attained through spirituality.



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