Treatment for acne at the back and shoulders

Acne not only occurs on your face but also on the back and the shoulder region of your body.Acne is the most common condition which affects the young adults and the teenagers because they go certain hormonal changes which is linked to pregnancy,puberty and menstruation.According to Mayo clinic the acne that occurs on the shoulders and back are similar to the acne that develop on face.

The acne on the face develops due to the excess oil and the dead skin that blocks the pores on the skin.Similarly the acne on the back are developed due to the secretion of excess oil,and perspiration.If these acne goes untreated they could take the form of nodules, blackheads, white-heads,papules or cysts.

Prevention of back acne

You cannot control the development of back and shoulders acne, but yiu can reduce the chances of development of back acne by following simple methods like:

a)Avoid the use of drugs and medication such as androgens and lithium.If you are using these medication, then it is better you talk to your doctor to recommend the possible alternatives to the.

b)Avoid using  cosmetics, sunscreens , moisturisers or any other oily product on your back.They could increase the chances of developing acne.

c)Try to to avoid the pressure on your back such as if you wear sports stuff like shoulders pad try not using it.Always wear a clean cotton T-shirt that decreases the pressure and friction on your back preventing the acne breakouts.

Treatment for back acne

Keep your back clean, wash it properly.In most of the cases the back and shoulder acne are treated in the same way as the facial acne.It is better to see your dermatologist so that he could diagnose you well and advise you some proper treatment.

It is important that you treat your back acne, because if they goes untreated they could become worse in some cases.Creams which contain components like benzoyl peroxide,resorcinol,salicyclic acid and antibiotics are helpful in treating acne on shoulders and back.

Self care also plays an important part in the treatment of acne on your back.According to Mayo clinic it is advisable to not let your hairs fall freely on your back and shoulders especially when that are dirty or covered in any type of product.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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