Weight Loss Tips : How to Lose Weight

Weight loss tips

healthThere are hundreds of exercises that will target your stomach; unluckily all of these don’t help unless they are joined with cardiovascular exercises. This happens because as the stomach exercises like abdominal crunches target the abs and lessens the fat, this decline is not permanent. Most of fat will still remain, which encourages the buildup of fat in that particular area.

If your budge is very minor and hardly noticeable when your clothes are on, one could lose it with just doing some abdominal exercises. BUt if it’s not the case and you have a big stomach, then you surely needs to join the following abdominal exercises with aerobic or cardiovascular exercises like jogging and all.

These are some listed exercises which are quite efficient

health tipsStomach crunches

About everybody knows this simple abdominal exercise:
Bent knees , hands should be behind the head,  lower back & feet have to be flat straight on the floor, lift your torso a bit up and & then come down.

Do EXHALE when lifting up, and INHALE while coming down.

Slowly add the number to sets of 10 to 15 crunches. Do approximately 5 sets daily.

healthReverse crunches

This one is Quite Important

1. Hands have to be flat out on sides.

2. To form a 90 degree angle with your torso, lift feet off the floor high up

3. By using your tummy muscles, EXHALE out and get your knees ahead so they tap your chest. Hold on for a while.

4. Gradually, INHALE and ram your foot back up till they again attain the 90 degree position. Do 5 sets at least.

Stretching is one of the Key Factors

Prior to start any type of an exercise, whether it is cardiovascular or spot training, it is very important that firstly you have to warm up.
Note: abdominal workout is not necessary to be done more than 3 times in a week.

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