Pets causes health hazards:Sleeping with pets causes danger to health

Are you in a habit of sleeping with your pets? well if yes,then you need to reconsider that habit of yours.A recent research has realized  that sleeping with pets or letting them lick your face can cause a danger to your health.Many germs can be spread through your pets if they are sleeping with you.

There is a sad news for pet lovers, if you are in a habit of  sleeping with your cute and lovely pets  it can lead health hazards to you.The centers of disease control had told that Staphylococcus infections to meningitis can occur when slept with pets.

The disease could even include Plague told the author of the new study Bruno Chomel and Ben Sun . There are almost all people who consider their pets as the members of their family, and more that half let their pet sleeping with them.Actually you are calling danger  to your health yourself if you are sleeping with your dogs or cats.

A study says that infants are more close of getting infectious by pets than adults.You must avoid feeding your pets with your hands or kissing them, it may result to infectious diseases and it can be the prime way towards death.

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