Yoga exercise for healthy eyes

Yoga has enormous benefits,if practiced in daily life activities. It  soothes your mind and soul to achieve a happy, balanced and useful life.Yoga is beneficial for eyes also.

Vision can  be improved through practicing some yoga exercises.  Children used to  play games like ball games, running etc.These activities involve complex eye movements. Some gentle movements including peripheral exercises can help in improving sight.

A few yoga activity or poses can be safely practiced to help improving eye sight.


Hold your right hand in front of you, stretch the thumb,folding back other fingers. Hand should be at eye level.Look at the thumbnail, then switch your focus to nose tip.Now, back at right thumbnail, switching focus to nose tip.Now do it again with your left hand.

This exercise enable your eye’s ability to switch focus  from distant to close view.Generally, reading a book,staring at computer screen reduces our vision skills  which creates eye problems. This exercise improves eye vision. Simultaneously it boosts mental focus.

People suffering from glaucoma and cataract should avoid this exercise.


Rub your both palms together.Place them on your close eye-lids so that your hand covers the eye lids. The palm should be placed so that it feels the eye socket.Be careful that it should not create any pressure.. This exercise is called palming and can be practiced several times aday.

This exercise soothes eye strain.Palming is considered to be the most healing and comforting exercise for eyes.

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